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Tech-Pro World Clock

Tech-Pro World Clock

If you need to keep track of the time in different parts of the world, or want to find the international dialing code for another country, you need Tech-Pro World Clock 2. It's a Windows desktop accessory that shows the current date and time in ...

Shareware  2,253k 2362 Tech Pro Limited
Tech-Pro CodeSign

Tech-Pro CodeSign

Code signing just got easier! Tech-Pro CodeSign is a graphical shell for the Microsoft command line code signing tools. Using it, software developers can download and install code signing tools, create and import certificates, and sign applications and other files using drag and drop. A ...

Freeware  601k 1177 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Textpad

Textpad is a replacement for the Windows Notepad that runs in the system tray. It isn't intended to be a high-powered programmers editor, like some Notepad replacements. Textpad's aim is to be Notepad with several extra convenience features. It's a better, faster, more convenient tool ...

Freeware  85k 1172 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Terminator

If you often have programs that "hang" or stop responding, or you ever need to terminate tasks to avoid conflicts with other applications, Tech-Pro Terminator provides a simpler and quicker way to close them than using the Windows Task List. It can be run instantly ...

Freeware  59k 1158 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro WinTouch

Tech-Pro WinTouch enables you to change the date/time stamp of a file or set of files using drag and drop.Tech-Pro WinTouch requires the Tech-Pro Utilities Startup package to be installed. Tech-Pro Utilities are donationware - if you like them, please donate a few dollars.

Freeware  57k 1075 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro GetBack

Tech-Pro GetBack backs up your work instantly, while you work. You can view or restore earlier saved versions of your files - not just the previous version, but any version. You can even restore files deleted from the Recycle Bin. It's unobtrusive in use - ...

Shareware  555k 825 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Sticky Notes

Tech-Pro Sticky Notes lets you write short notes on pieces of virtual sticky-backed yellow paper and place them anywhere you want on your computer screen. You can hide and show notes with a click of the mouse. It's ideal for reminder messages, to-do lists and ...

Freeware  69k 1297 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro StopAds

Tech-Pro StopAds helps block annoying adverts and popups, helps protect you from downloading hijackers and premium-rate diallers, and helps block undesirable content. It lets you download an updated list of sites to block, add and remove sites, and enable or disable blocking, all from a ...

Freeware  270k 888 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Search

If you hate the Windows XP Search facility then Tech-Pro Search may be just what you need. It lets you search a drive or folder for files of a specified type. For files that contain text, you can narrow the search by looking for a ...

Freeware  70k 910 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro QuickSync

Tech-Pro QuickSync is a simple utility for synchronizing the contents of selected folders on two computers. It's intended for synchronizing folders between a desktop PC and a laptop at the start and end of a day at the office, or before and after going away ...

Freeware  72k 832 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro MultiRename

Give those camera images meaningful names! MultiRename lets you rename a block of files with sequential names. It's great for digital camera image files that have a meaningless name when downloaded from the camera. Just select the files you want to rename, drag them to ...

Freeware  57k 963 Tech Pro Limited

Tech-Pro Zip

You don?t know how to open Zip files? Try Tech-Pro Zip. Tech-Pro Zip lets you quickly and easily open, view and extract (unzip) files from compressed Zip archives. It can just as easily create Zip archives, too. Unlike many other Zip utilities, Tech-Pro Z

Freeware  228k 310

Tech-Pro POP3 Pal

POP3 Pal is a mail client for people on the move. It provides an easy way to access your POP3 mail from any Windows-based PC. It can also be used for mailbox maintenance - for example, to delete an unwanted large message that is blocking ...

Shareware  650k 929 Tech Pro Limited
Xp Repair Pro

Xp Repair Pro

XP Repair Pro Version 2006 (3.1.6) XP Repair Pro 2006 Scans and Repairs over 53,000 common Windows Errors. Our unique and one of a kind technology is guaranteed to fix problems on your system. Using hi-tech and effective functions your system performance will be improved ...

Shareware  26,022k 1621 PcSoftware1
Repair Windows Pro

Repair Windows Pro

XP Repair Pro Xp Repair Pro 2008 will scan and repair over 53,000 common Windows Errors. Supports Windows 98SE/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista (All Editions) Our unique one of a kind technology repairs over 53,000 Windows errors and is guaranteed to fix problems on your system. Using hi-tech and ...

Shareware  26,022k 1228 PcSoftware1
1 Click XP Repair Pro

1 Click XP Repair Pro

XP Repair Pro Scans and Repairs over 53,000 common Windows Errors. Our unique and one of a kind technology repairs over 53,000 Windows errors and is guaranteed to fix problems on your system. Using hi-tech and effective functions your system performance will be improved in ...

Shareware  631k 1845 Xp Repair

WinFax Pro Automator for Word

The One-Click Faxing Solution for WinFax and Word -- Faxing has never been so easy or convenient! With this tool, let Word harness the power of WinFax Pro. Save time and boost productivity with one-click, professional faxing. The WinFax Pro Automator takes full advantage of ...

Shareware  573k 2012 AMF

CompuPic Pro

Get organized and get going with CompuPic Pro image management software! CompuPic Pro includes all the common editing tools such as color correction, red-eye removal, resizing, converting and more in one award winning program. It takes the guess work out of file formats by support ...

Shareware  6,434k 1424 Photodex Corporation
ACA Capture Pro

ACA Capture Pro

ACA Capture Pro( ) is a professional screen capture software on Windows, it allows you to quickly capture screenshots including desktop, scrolling web pages, web images, menus and even those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct3D game and video player screen. Getting started is as easy as ...

Shareware  1,838k 1664 ACA Systtems

FileName Pro

FileName Pro, a professional grade batch file naming utility. Whether you have a few or thousands of files to rename, FileName Pro can rename your files in seconds. Name files using any combination of file naming schemes. Name using ID3 tags, EXIF metadata, dates and ...

Shareware  2,181k 1518 JerMar Software Corp

Tweaki/FileName Pro Bundle

The Tweaki/FileName Pro bundle: Tweaki puts several Windows utilities into one easy to use program while adding hundreds of additional tweaks not found in other system tweakers. Tweaki exposes Windows optimizations that make your computer run and boot faster, secure your computer from unauthorized access, ...

Shareware  5,738k 1432 JerMar Software Corp
Net Explorer Pro

Net Explorer Pro

Net Explorer Pro is the software that help you to find the really working groups/computers in your Local Area Network (LAN). After scanning your network you will be able to fast access to ALL opened folders (including hidden by $ folders) on ALL computers in ...

Shareware  665k 1902 Solidlabs Technology
Popup Annihilator Pro

Popup Annihilator Pro

Popup Annihilator Pro is the software that increases speed by eliminating stress on your computers CPU and Internet line by removing annoying you popup windows. Using Popup Annihilator Pro you will notice a substantial increase in your system's speed and power.

Shareware  511k 1921 Solidlabs Technology
Net Logger Pro

Net Logger Pro

Net Logger Pro allows you to control AOL, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo messangers histories for all users in certain computer/session. Morever it allows you to log all WWW, FTP and e-mail stats. With the help of Net Logger Pro you are able to know ...

Shareware  807k 2134 Solidlabs Technology

Account Pro

User-friendly accounting and finance planning program, equally suitable for small to medium businesses, institutions, and private users. ACCOUNT PRO is multi-system (British/American and European), multi-currency, and multilingual and can be installed in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian Danish, Swedish or Dutch. The program is based ...

Shareware  5,532k 2257 AccSoft Shareware
Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball

Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball

Beach Slam 2: Pro Beach Volleyball is a fast-paced 3D Beach Volleyball Simulation featuring realistic and very addictive gameplay. Build, customize, and improve your team as you guide them through a 20-year career on the World Beach Volleyball Tour. Each player has 8 different skill ...

Shareware  8,624k 2749 3Eplay
Talking Translator Pro

Talking Translator Pro

Talking Translator Pro is an easy to use 4 in 1 language utility which can translate text between 8 languages with 23 language sets, Find meanings of words, Read the contents of files and clipboard. It can also read the translations in its native language ...

Shareware  4,727k 2643 Abhisoft Technologies
WorkManager Pro

WorkManager Pro

WorkManager Pro lets you automate working with multiple tasks on a PC. With this handy tool you can arrange as many tasks (programs, documents, URLs and system commands) as you need into one Work. Once this is done, the Work can be run with just ...

Shareware  487k 1256 Kamatoz Computing
CD FrontEnd PRO

CD FrontEnd PRO

CD FrontEnd PRO is the professional way to create an autorun CD DVD presentation. Make a self running catalog / catalogue, a brochure, a depliant, a software collection, a simple CD menu, Acrobat PDF files, MP3, PowerPoint PPT PPS, Word DOC, Wordperfect, AutoCAD DXF, Corel ...

Commercial  2,738k 1599 Visual Vision
TreeDBNotes Pro

TreeDBNotes Pro

TreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a note organizer, contacts, passwords and tasks, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, reminders, and many other useful features.asily import and export you can synchronize data with other programs. Password protection, encryption and backup will keep ...

Shareware  10,530k 1516 SoftViewer
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